Investment Advisory

Our promise is to do the right thing for our clients, no matter what. We start by listening to you and learning your goals and your dreams. We then craft an investment strategy tailored specifically for you to serve as our road map. We put decades of peer-reviewed research to the test, making recommendations for you to follow that strategy. This road map will help you make solid investment decisions throughout your life.

It is a matter of fact. Markets will go up, and markets will go down. The key to your peace of mind is to have a solid plan designed to help you reach your goals in spite of the turbulence in the markets.

A good plan includes the right balance of stocks and bonds- determined by your specific circumstances, needs, and goals. It also means keeping that balance no matter what happens in the markets in the short run. Re-balancing is the process of restoring a portfolio to its original asset allocations and risk profile. This is an ongoing process and key to your plan.

We bring evidence-based investment advice to help our clients protect their financial future and achieve their dreams. Evidence-based investing is exactly what you would expect, it is the science of investing and reviewing evidence rather than basing decisions on a hot tip or trend.

Why Us?

Your advisor will continuously evaluate your portfolio and compare it to your financial goals.

– We take a holistic approach and review your tax and estate planning needs to help you reach your goals.

– Your plan will be customized to reflect your personal assets and desired level of risk.

– We leverage the tax expertise of Pugh CPAs to help you reduce taxes and preserve wealth.

Choose the right path based on evidence and proven research.